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Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 Days Raw and decided to STAY RAW!!!

Yes, I like it so much that I'm staying raw!! And my man has decided that he wants to try it too! I must say I was very surprised and infact, I thought he was actually making fun of me when he first said it! I said "yeah right" and he said "no I'm serious, I want to try raw".
My rash went away.........thanks goodness, it was awful, but only lasted about a week. Now my hands are very dry and the skin is peeling off, but at least the rash is gone. In general I am feeling much better. One of the things that I have noticed is that the skin on my face feels very soft. Much softer than before raw. Usually I had to exfoliate once a week as my skin was often feeling kind of scaley. I haven't noticed any wrinkles going away yet - but I'm hoping they will get less defined.
My body aches have pretty much gone and in general I feel very positive and inspired!! I'm very excited about this new way of preparing food and am experimenting all the time. Today I am making the Cafe Gratitude Lemon Merengue Pie!! I know it's gonna be great. I really don't want to post other people's recipes on here, so please bear with me while I develop my own.

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