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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cashew Milk

I've decided I need to stop using butter and milk products for the moment. I just cannot support this vile industry of enslaving animals any longer. It is very different having your own cow, goat or sheep and they have too much milk and need milking, but this keeping female animals pregnant so they can satisfy our needs is really disgusting.  So, this may be quite a transition as I think i am addicted to butter and I love cheese.  I know I can make cashew cheese, and even though delicious, its the harder and melting cheeses.  I just found a vegan mozzarella cheese recipe that I can make.  I will try some of these and report back.

For my porridge today I used cashew milk that I made and it was lovely.  I have been vegan before, so this isn't new.  I'm not going vegan this time I don't think. I am going to eat what I feel like eating.  My husband likes to eat chicken, so I often may just get lazy and eat it with him.  We use the whole chicken, first we roast it, then that ends up being at least 3 meals, burritos, pasta sandwiches and then we use the bones for stock and so we actually get at least 6 meals from the whole chicken for 2 people.
Now, you might think, why is she stopping dairy and still eating chicken!  Well, I don't know that I will be eating chicken for sure, but I raised chickens in the past and I really don't mind eating them, I don't feel guilty. I know I could kill a chicken if I had to, but I know I couldn't kill a cow, horse, pig, sheep/lamb, or goat, so as far as eating animals goes, the chicken is the only one I consider at all now, and not just any chicken.  Here in Portugal they have what they call Frango de Campo or chicken from the field and they are huge compared to the other chickens that they have in the supermarket, the other ones are factory farmed.  I don't eat fish because I think the ocean is toxic, so I'll be almost vegan and see how it feels.


1 cup raw cashew nuts soaked for 8 hours

1.5 to 4 cups water (depending on what thickness you want)

 Depending on how creamy you want it depends on the amount of water you put in it. If you want a cream, use only 1.5 to 2 cups of water, if you want half and half use 2 to 3 cups water and if you want full milk between 3.5 and 4 cups of water.  Store in the fridge.  It should keep for 3 days. It probably won't keep for 4 though.  Y

You can use this for milk, cream of half and half and you'll love it I'm sure.

Cashew nuts are very high in copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese.


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  2. I love the name of your blog. Great recipes here!
    You also make me giggle., I remembered something I heard once when you said,
    "Well, I don't know that I will be eating chicken for sure, but I raised chickens in the past and I really don't mind eating them, I don't feel guilty. "
    A friend told me they learned from someone channeling chicken consciousness, they declared chicken said: they came here as a sacrifice for our sustenance and they were fine with it. Maybe that's why it feels fine lol
    Thanks for sharing your creations Shobhan

  3. Well that makes me feel much better! Thanks Pyasa!